Diamond Lamello Biscuit Cutter (PCD) for Zeta P2


The Diamond (PCD) Lamello Biscuit Cutter is to be used on the hand held Zeta P2 hand held jointer as well as on CNC machines with an arbor adaptor. The Biscuit Cutter is for the Clamex P Anchors on corner and longitudinal joinery. The Clamex P connector can work well on hardwood, veneered and laminated MDF and other laminated chipboard products used in furniture and cabinetry. The recommended MAX RPM for this cuttter is 15,000.
The cutter has PCD tips which extend tool life by a magnitude of 20X. The Plate thickness is 4mm and Kerf is 7mm.

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DLC.022.3100.4mm22mm4/M4/363 $168.75
DLC.030.3100.4mm30mm4/M5/483 $168.75
DLC.030.6100.4mm30mm4/M5/486 $198.75
DLC.031.3100.4mm30mm4/5.9-5/366 $198.75
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