Three + Three Flute Compression Segmented PCD (Diamond Router Bit – High Feed Rates


The Three Flute Segmented Compression Diamond Bit is an excellent option for panel processing with diamond tooling. The tool features a hardened steel or densimet body with tips to form a 3+3 tooth configuration and boasts fast feed rates, excellent finish, and quiet running. PCD Height is 2.5mm which, equates to 2-3 sharpenings depending on the use. The tool comes equipped with a PCD plunge point. The application is fast feedrate nesting in chipboard, MDF and Plywood.

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RD4.12.19.12x40.65121912x403+3659+1NEGATIVEDENSIMET $339.00
RD4.12.21.12x40.70122112x403+3709+1NEGATIVEDENSIMET $398.25
RD4.12.21.12x40.75122112x403+3759+1POSITIVEDENSIMET $398.25
RD4.12.24.12x40.70122412x403+37012+1NEGATIVEDENSIMET $400.50
RD4.16.35.16x35.78163516x353+37818+1NEGATIVEDENSIMET $568.50
RD4.12.19.12x40.652121912x403+3659+1POSITIVEDENSIMET $339.00
RD4.12.24.12x40.702122412x403+37012+1POSITIVEDENSIMET $400.50
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