Insert PCD (Diamond) Premill Cutter Head


Insert PCD Premills are an option for shops that do not have 2 premill sets or shops that do not want to send cutter bodies in transit to sharpen. The tips can be replaced on the required spots of the premill in shop. This is also a huge benefit to keep a shop running if a single tooth is damaged and causing finishing issues. The PCD tips far outlive the carbide tipped and insert options. The PCD tips are considered disposable but can be sharpened one time. Often tips can be rotated on the tool body to keep the necessary tips fresh. We provide Premills for these makes of edgebanders: Felder, Biesse, SCM, Brandt, Homag, Holzher, IMA and many more! Please note you will have to order the corresponding LH and RH for the set. If the cutter is symmetric 2 pieces will need to be ordered of the same sku. The style attribute references the photos in the gallery. It’s important to ensure that the correct style is chosen to match your existing cutter heads. Drawings will always be provided before tools are shipped. The 2CH keyways represent double keyways 8x3mm. Replacement inserts are below corresponding sku is PD2.3x14x14.7R

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PD2.3x14x14.7RNANANANA1NANANA $36.75
PD2.70.63.12K25L7063LH2+212K2CH25 $958.50
PD2.70.63.12K257063RH2+212K2CH25 $958.50
PD2.80.65.18A25L8065LH3+318A2CH25 $1,385.25
PD2.80.65.18A258065RH3+318A2CH25 $1,385.25
PD2.80.44.12A308044SYM3+312A2CH30 $1,132.50
PD2.80.54.10A30L8054LH2+210A2CH30 $1,020.75
PD2.80.54.10A308054RH2+210A2CH30 $1,020.75
PD2.80.65.18C308065SYM3+318C2CH30 $1,191.00
PD2.100.33.9B2010033RH3+39B2CH20 $881.25
PD2.100.65.18B20L10065LH3+318B2CH20 $1,191.00
PD2.100.65.18B2010065RH3+318B2CH20 $1,191.00
PD2.100.44.12B30L10044LH3+312B2CH30 $1,132.50
PD2.100.44.12C30L10044LH3+312C2CH30 $1,132.50
PD2.100.44.12B3010044RH3+312B2CH30 $1,132.50
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