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Discover Precision CNC Tool Holders & Arbors | QIC Tools

Welcome to our extensive collection of CNC tool holders and arbors, the cornerstones of CNC machining excellence. These clamping tools are the unsung heroes, ensuring the steadfast stability, unparalleled accuracy, and peak performance of your cutting tools.

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic hobbyist, our diverse array of top-tier tool holders and arbors have been meticulously engineered to cater to your machining demands with unwavering precision and reliability.

Discover the World of CNC Tool Holders and Arbors:

HSK 63 F Tool Holder:

This remarkable tool holder is celebrated for its unmatched rigidity and precision, guaranteeing impeccable tool clamping and delivering laser-precise machining results. It boasts a rugged construction and impeccable runout characteristics, promising unwavering stability and superior performance, even under the most demanding CNC operations.

HSK 63 F Saw Flange:

When it’s time for sawing applications, look no further than our HSK 63 F saw flange. Tailored specifically for saw blades, this flange ensures secure and precise mounting, enabling smooth and precise cuts that elevate cutting performance and reliability.

ISO 30 Tool Holder:

If you’re operating within the ISO 30 taper system, our ISO 30 tool holder is your go-to choice. Engineered to deliver outstanding clamping force and reliability, it ensures precise tool positioning, providing a secure and stable connection that substantially enhances machining accuracy. Experience the versatility and precision of our ISO 30 tool holder in your CNC operations.

HSK 63 F Arbor:

For arbor needs, our HSK 63 F arbor stands out as a top-notch option. Specifically designed to securely and accurately hold cutting tools, it ensures optimal performance and repeatability. Its precise fit and superior clamping force guarantee exceptional results across various machining applications.

Why Choose QIC Tools?

We recognize the critical role of reliable, high-performance tool holders and arbors in achieving extraordinary machining results. That’s why we painstakingly curate our collection to provide you with the very best products available.

With our CNC tool holders and arbors, you’ll experience a new level of stability, precision, and efficiency, making your CNC operations a seamless and rewarding endeavor.

Shop with us now to unlock the full potential of your machining endeavors. Don’t wait – experience the difference firsthand!


What are CNC tool holders and arbors, and why are they important?

These are essential components that provide stability and precision to cutting tools in CNC machining. They ensure accurate and reliable results by securely clamping the tools.

How can tool holders and arbors enhance my machining endeavors?

CNC tool holders and arbors from QIC Tools can elevate the stability, precision, and efficiency of your CNC operations, making the entire process seamless and rewarding.

How does the HSK 63 F Saw Flange benefit sawing applications?

The HSK 63 F Saw Flange is tailored for saw blades, offering secure and precise mounting, resulting in smooth and reliable cuts that improve cutting performance.

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