HSK 63 F


The HSK 63 F is a tapered tool holder design and is the Standard next to ISO 30 Tapered holders for most modern cnc machines. The taper is 1:10 and spindles receive the taper and pull the chuck tighter into the spindle with a flange that makes the connection between the spindle and the chuck. The toolholder accommodates three different collet styles: ER32, ER40, RDO35/SYOZ25. ER 32 tool holders have a shank capacity of up to 3/4″ or 20mm. ER 40 and SYOZ25 tool holders have a shank capacity of 1″ or 25mm. All toolholders are sold with a ball bearing collet nut that facilitates both RH and LH rotation. Holders are balanced to 24,000 RPM at G2.5

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THHSK.400.76ER 4076mm63mmBall Bearing$175.00
THHSK.320.70ER 3270mm50mmBall Bearing$175.00
THHSK.350.80RDO 35 | SYOZ 2580mm60mmBall Bearing$175.00
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