Diamond Tooling (PCD)

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D. Shepard
Waterloo, IA
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Very helpful and hope to order more soon tks
B. Russel
Lakeland, FL
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Funny story. I had one of my guys change the blade and I came back to check progress and all the cuts were jagged and rough. I went back and looked at what blade he was using and it was the old blade instead of the Qic. I was literally going to call you guys today and ask some questions but instead I had to get on my guy about stupid operator errors. Anyways…. Blade is good and working better than ever.
Farmington, CT
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Tool came in as scheduled and works as expected.
S. Mehta
Sacramento, CA
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Received the good quality product .

Elevate Your Craft with Premium Diamond (PCD) Router Bits and Cutters

Welcome to our extensive collection of diamond tooling designed for precision, durability, and exceptional performance. At QIC Tools, we understand the importance of using reliable and high-performing diamond tooling to elevate your machining projects. Explore our range of diamond (PCD) router bits and cutters to achieve tool cost savings.

Mastering Precision with PCD Tooling

Part of our PCD Tooling program is our PCD Router Bits. Our Diamond (PCD) router bits, renowned for their extremely long lasting tool life, are your go-to solution for achieving precise and clean cuts in a variety of challenging materials. These bits are equipped with diamond (PCD) tips, ensuring excellent wear resistance and long tool life.

For Edgebanding applications, make way for our extensive offerings of Diamond (PCD) premill cutters. We carry standard sizes for all major edgebander machine manufactures. This includes Holzher, Homag, Biesse, Casadei, IMA, SCM, KDT, Nanxing, Unisunx, Wellex edgebander premils. We offer brazed PCD and Insert PCD options. These cutters are designed for efficient material removal, ensuring a superior surface finish for your subsequent machining.

If intricate profiling is your goal, our Diamond (PCD) profile router bits are the answer. These meticulously crafted bits create precise profiles and contours in various materials, offering excellent longevity and outstanding performance.

For composite materials, our two-flute Diamond (PCD) router bits are engineered to handle the task efficiently. These bits feature two flutes for optimal chip evacuation and reduced heat buildup, delivering exceptional cutting performance and extended tool life.

When demanding applications require higher feed rates, our three-flute Diamond (PCD) router bits excel. Designed to handle increased cutting loads, they provide enhanced stability during machining, ensuring efficient material removal and a superior surface finish.

For clean and precise cuts in delicate materials, our compression Diamond (PCD) router bits are the perfect choice. Their unique design with upcut and downcut flutes guarantees clean top and bottom surfaces while preventing chipping.

Discover the QIC Tools Difference:

  • New Tooling and Service with one provider
  • Industry leading quality and pricing
  • Extensive collection of diamond (PCD) router bits and cutters
  • Ability to be tailored to your specific needs
  • Achieve exceptional precision, longevity, and efficiency

Shop Now and Experience the Difference

Explore our comprehensive collection of diamond tooling today. Elevate your craft with our high-quality diamond tooling—shop with us now and experience the difference.


Q1: What makes Premium Diamond (PCD) Router Bits and Cutters stand out?

PCD Tooling allows production facilities to machine material with a longer tool life, this increases production time do to eliminated set up time. The tool life is typically 20-30X longer than it’s carbide counter part. PCD Tooling also allows productions to machine abrasive and demanding materials with much more ease than any other cutting material.

Q.2: Can PCD Router Bits handle demanding materials?

Absolutely! PCD Tooling, specifically router bits, can machine fiberglas, swisspearl, Gypsum board, corian, solid surface, and many other composites that require a cutting edge that can withstand the resistance of the material.

Q.3: What are the uses of PCD tools?

PCD Tooling is an excellent choice for demanding materials of course, but they also excel in when machining the same material over and over. This can be seen in laminated panels, mdf and solid surface materials

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