QIC's Custom Tooling Process

At QIC Tools we are staffed with experts in all things cutting, clamping, shaping, and profiling. We seek to provide top-tier technical advice while guiding you through the best options available to fit your production needs.

Our process… Begins with us gaining an understanding of the application, production requirements, and desired results that you are looking for. We are then able to provide multiple options for our customers to consider the value of a solution in relation to the cost.

Our options… When we provide pricing, we will include a PCD(diamond) tipped, carbide insert, and carbide tipped option unless a specific option is previously discussed.

Our timeline… For most custom shank or bore style tools, we offer a manufacturing time of two weeks after drawing approval. We allow one week of production time for standard saw blade modification and four to six weeks for custom saw blade requests. From our manufacturing facility in Europe to your doorstep, we anticipate roughly a week of shipping time.

Our goal… To provide the best industry solutions for your production. We do this with transparency and competitive pricing in mind.

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