CNC Dust Extractor Nut


QIC’s CNC Dust Extractor Nut has a remarkable impact on dust and wood debris left on the table after an operation. Unlike many other dust extractors in the market QIC’s Extractor Nut, with steel construction as apposed to aluminum, has a lower profile design with shorter channels that allow more dust to be carried up into the dust hood. Other perfectly cylindrical dust extractors are challenged with forcing chips, dust and debris up a longer channel for removal. For this reason QIC’s Dust Extractor Design is superior to others on the market. The price point is very similar to others on the market with a much better design.

The best results are when the dust nut is 1/8″ or lower to the material being cut. There are great results with a 1/2″ router bit and even better results with a 3/8″ router bit. The dust extractor is sent with a wrench WR35S for proper clamping.

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DEN.32ER 32105mm$399.00
DEN,40ER 40105mm$399.00
DEN.35RDO 35 | SYOZ 25105mm$399.00
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