Two Flute Opposite Shear PCD (Diamond) Router Bit


Two Flute Opposite Shear router bit is an superb choice for diamond tooling. The bit has two continuous tips with alternate shear and a PCD plunge tip mounted to a solid carbide body to allow for very clean finish on top and bottom. The PCD height is 3mm which equates to 3-4 sharpenings depending on use. The bit runs quietly and has great chip ejection. Can be used on coated and uncoated chipboard panels, HPL, MDF, HDF, Plywood, Carbon Fiber materials, Trespa, Corian, Phenolics and other solid surface materials.

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RD6.38.50.383/8"1/2"3/8"2 $249.75
RD6.38.22.383/8"223/8"2 $277.50
RD6.38.100.383/8"1"3/8"2 $284.25
RD6.50.50.501/2"1/2"1/2"2 $256.50
RD6.50.22.501/2"221/2"2 $284.25
RD6.50.100.501/2"1"1/2"2 $291.00
RD6.75.50.753/4"1/2"3/4"2 $256.50
RD6.75.100.753/4"1"3/4"2 $318.75
RD6.75.22.753/4"223/4"2 $312.00
RD6.200.250.862025202 $378.75
RD6.120.250.751225122 $399.00
RD6.120.200.701220122 $255.75
RD6.120.150.701215122 $215.25
RD6.120.150.651215122 $263.25
RD6.100.200.701020122 $351.00
RD6.100.150.631015122 $291.75
RD6.100.150.701015102 $204.75
RD6.80.200.70820122 $450.75
RD6.80.150.65815122 $263.25
RD6.80.150.7081582 $184.50
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