V Point Router Bit PCD (Diamond)


Diamond Profile tools are an excellent option for hard to machine materials, high production applications, or applications where tool size is important such as MDF door tooling. This product is an example of the tools we produce in PCD. We have the ability to custom manufacture any profile needed.

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RDC14.22.11.162211RH161 $290.25
RDC14.30.10.203010RH202 $498.75
RDC14.30.15.203015RH201+1 $427.50
RDC14.33.15.203315RH202 $403.50
RDC14.35.10.163510RH162 $459.75
RDC14. $395.25
RDC14. $452.25
RDC14.50.25.205025RH202+2 $484.50
RDC14. $734.25
RDC14.30.15.2013015RH202 $476.25
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