Diamond Split Scoring Blade (PCD)


Split Scoring blades are a type of scoring blades that have pins that lock two separate blades together. The kerf of the score set is adjusted by shims that come with the blades. Remove shims to decrease the kerf and add shims to increase. Diamond Scoring blades are an excellent choice when machining more abrasive materials or simply looking to save money on the long run.

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DSC.702088.470208+82.8-3.62.24 $286.50
DSC.80201010.4802010+102.8-3.62.24 $333.00
DSC.100201010.41002010+102.8-3.62.24 $333.00
DSC.100221010.41002210+102.8-3.62.24 $380.25
DSC.120201212.41202012+122.8-3.62.24 $333.00
DSC.120201212.61202012+122.8-3.62.26 $380.25
DSC.120221212.41202212+122.8-3.62.24 $364.50
DSC.120221212.61202212+122.8-3.62.26 $481.50
DSC.125201212.41252012+122.8-3.62.24 $333.00
DSC.125201212.61252012+122.8-3.62.26 $380.25
DSC.125221212.41252212+122.8-3.62.24 $333.00
DSC.125221212.61252212+122.8-3.62.26 $582.75
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