Universal Custom Profiled Insert Router Bit


Universal Custom Profiled Insert Router Bit allows for productions to customize a profile to exact specifications needed. Multiple profiles are able to be utilized interchangeable on the same tool allowing for a very cost effective options for multiple profiling options. This tool comes equipped with 2 or 3mm replaceable carbide insert knives mounted to a steel body. The cutters have 2 wings and is suitable for hardwood, softwood, and MDF. Lead time is 2 working weeks for production. Additional profiles can be generated and have a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

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IR.114.1013071635252Dx Rh20Assiale$443.86
IR.114.1023071946252Dx Rh20Assiale$437.81
IR.114.1043223556302Dx Rh20Assiale$480.30
IR.114.1063223666352Dx Rh20Assiale$510.67
IR.114.1083073196352Dx Rh20Assiale$563.31
IR.114.10930734116302Dx Rh20Assiale$573.87
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