Custom Profile Insert Router Bit for Material Top


Custom Profile Insert Router Bit allows for productions to customize a profile to exact specifications needed on top of material . This tool comes equipped with 2mm replaceable carbide insert knives mounted to a steel body. The cutters have 2 wings and is suitable for hardwood, softwood, and MDF. Lead time is 2 working weeks for production. Additional profiles can be generated and have a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

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IR.109.10048301002Dx Rh20$481.90
IR.109.10158301002Dx Rh20$497.43
IR.109.10278301002Dx Rh20$541.82
IR.109.10398301002Dx Rh20$576.05
IR.109.104118301002Dx Rh20$617.69
IR.109.10548351052Dx Rh20$503.21
IR.109.10658351052Dx Rh20$523.20
IR.109.10778351052Dx Rh20$568.75
IR.109.10898351052Dx Rh20$607.07
IR.109.109118351052Dx Rh20$651.83
IR.109.11048401202Dx Rh20$527.72
IR.109.11158401202Dx Rh20$549.86
IR.109.11278401202Dx Rh20$598.66
IR.109.11398401202Dx Rh20$641.37
IR.109.114118401202Dx Rh20$691.29
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