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Insert PCD (Diamond) Premill Cutter Head

In the ever-evolving world of woodworking, the choice of cutting tools plays a pivotal role in determining the quality and efficiency of the end product. One brand that has been making waves in the industry is QIC Tools, and their Brazed PCD (Diamond) Premill Cutter Head stands out as a testament to precision, longevity, and return on investment (ROI). In this article we’ll explore the exceptional features of QIC Tools’ PCD tooling and delve into the advantages it offers over traditional carbide-tipped alternatives.

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Testament to Quality

QIC Tools has built a reputation for delivering cutting-edge solutions for woodworking professionals, and their Brazed PCD Premill Cutter Head is no exception. Precision is the hallmark of this tool, thanks to the use of Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) technology in the cutting edges. PCD is renowned for its hardness and wear resistance, making it an ideal choice for demanding woodworking applications.

Extended Quality - Exceptional Tool Life

The longevity of cutting tools is a critical factor for any woodworking operation. QIC Tools’ PCD Premill Cutter Head excels in this aspect, offering a significantly extended lifespan compared to traditional carbide-tipped counterparts. The robust PCD construction ensures that the tool can withstand the rigors of continuous use without compromising on performance. Woodworkers can thus enjoy prolonged periods of uninterrupted productivity, reducing downtime and replacement costs. QIC Tools provides cutterheads that are compatible with every edgebander manufacturer. Below is a list of manufacturers that we provide tooling for. We provide Premil Cutterheads to many more edgebander makes than the list below.


Edgebander Manufacturers

iesse is a leading Italian manufacturer specializing in woodworking, glass, and stone processing machinery, including cutting-edge edgebander solutions.

Homag, a German-based company, is a global leader in woodworking machinery, providing comprehensive solutions for furniture production, including advanced edgebander machines.

SCM Group, headquartered in Italy, is a world-renowned manufacturer of woodworking machines, offering a diverse range of solutions, including cutting-edge edgebanders.

Brandt, a member of the Homag Group, is a Canadian-based manufacturer recognized for its precision edgebanding solutions and innovative woodworking machinery.

IMA Schelling, a part of the IMA Group, is a global leader in the production of high-quality woodworking and panel processing machinery, including advanced edgebander solutions.

Felder Group, headquartered in Austria, is a well-established manufacturer providing a wide range of woodworking machinery, including edgebanders, designed for precision and efficiency.

Holz-Her, a German company, is a leading provider of innovative woodworking machinery, including edgebanders, known for their precision, reliability, and advanced technology.

Return on Investment


QIC Tools’ commitment to quality and innovation shines through in their PCD (Diamond) Premill Cutter Head. Woodworkers looking for precision, longevity, and a solid return on investment should consider making the switch to PCD tooling. Explore the world of advanced woodworking with QIC Tools and experience the unmatched performance of their Brazed PCD Premill Cutter Head.

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