Enhancing Precision and Efficiency with CNC Insert Tooling

Insert tooling has been used in open bore tooling such as cutter heads and moulder heads for a number of decades. High adoption of CNC Machines in productions has led to insert tooling being used not only on tools mounted to open bore spindles but to router tooling as well. Insert tooling offers the ability to replace cutting edges on a tool without having the tool serviced or sharpened. Insert tooling enhances precision, efficiency, and versatility. In this blog post, we will explore various types of CNC insert tooling for wood, including CNC spoilboard cutters, CNC insert router tooling, CNC insert V-groove bits, and CNC helical planing cutters.

CNC Insert Router Tooling

CNC insert router tooling offers enhanced versatility and cost-effectiveness. These tools feature replaceable carbide inserts with specific cutting profiles, such as straight, spiral, or chamfered edges. With the ability to change inserts rather than the entire tool, you can save time and money. Whether you’re working on intricate designs or large-scale projects, CNC insert router tooling provides accurate cutting, smoother finishes, and reduced tool changeover time.

CNC Spoilboard Cutter

A CNC spoilboard cutter also known as a surface planer, is an essential tool for woodworking projects involving large surface areas. It efficiently levels the spoilboard, ensuring a flat and even work surface. With replaceable carbide inserts, these cutters provide longer tool life and reduce downtime associated with resharpening. They are available in various diameters and cutter configurations to suit different applications, enabling precise and efficient material removal.


CNC Insert V-Groove Bit

When it comes to creating decorative V-grooves, CNC insert V-groove bits are a game-changer. These tools feature replaceable carbide inserts with sharp V-shaped edges. They are perfect for creating crisp and precise grooves in wood, enabling you to add intricate detailing to your projects. With the ability to swap inserts, you can easily achieve different groove widths without changing the entire bit, offering versatility and cost-effectiveness.

CNC Insert V-Groove Bit

CNC Helical Planing Cutter

CNC helical planing cutters are designed for precision planing and smoothing operations. These cutters feature helical carbide inserts that produce a shearing action, resulting in smoother cuts and reduced tear-out. With multiple inserts, they provide excellent cutting performance and extended tool life. CNC helical planing cutters are ideal for achieving flat and even surfaces on large wooden panels, reducing the need for additional sanding or finishing operations.

CNC helical planing cutters

Custom CNC Insert Tooling

Custom CNC Insert Tooling is also an option for a number of applications and production requirements that cannot be met with standard tooling. Custom insert tooling is able to bring specialty projects to life with a minimal upfront cost while giving productions an edge over their competition.

CNC Insert Tooling

CNC insert tooling for woodworking, including CNC spoilboard cutters, insert router tooling, V-groove bits, and helical planing cutters, offer unparalleled precision and efficiency for woodworkers. If

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