Diamond-Tipped Blades for Next-Level Woodworking

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Diamond Conical Scoring Blade

QIC Tools’ Diamond Conical Scoring Blade (PCD) is a game-changer for precise cuts. Its diamond-tipped edge ensures clean scoring lines, perfect for creating precise grooves in wood panels. Whether you’re working with hardwood or composite materials, this blade guarantees consistent results without compromising on longevity.

See more about our Diamond Conical Scoring Blade (PCD) here.

Diamond Split Scoring Blade

When it comes to splitting wood with finesse, the Diamond Split Scoring Blade (PCD) from QIC Tools excels. This blade’s diamond-tipped teeth effortlessly penetrate the wood fibers, ensuring clean splits without tearing or splintering. Ideal for applications like creating wood veneers or precise cuts for joinery, it offers unmatched durability and precision.

Dive into the technical details of the Diamond Split Scoring Blade (PCD) here.

Diamond Panel Saw Blade

QIC Tools’ Diamond Panel Saw Blade (PCD) is engineered to tackle the toughest cutting tasks with precision. Whether you’re cutting hardwood, plywood, or laminates, this blade’s diamond-tipped teeth ensure smooth, chip-free cuts every time. Its high-performance design makes it ideal for panel saws, optimizing efficiency and minimizing material waste.

Explore the technical specifications of the Diamond Panel Saw Blade (PCD) here.

Experience precision, durability, and technical excellence with QIC Tools’ diamond-tipped blades. From scoring and splitting to panel sawing, each blade is meticulously crafted to meet the demands of professional woodworking. Ready to elevate your woodworking projects? Trust QIC Tools to deliver unmatched performance and reliability.

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