Double Sided Laminate Saw Blades


For fine cuts in laminated board materials on both sides with melamine, formica, veneer, etc. On table saws without scoring unit, vertical panel sizing saws, radial arm saws, mitre and chop saws. Extra hard sub-micro grain carbide tips for long edge life.

2/7/42 – A

2/7/42+2/9/46+2/10/60 – B

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CS10.14.1.10014".148".118"1"100-2ATB 35?N/A$243.26
CS10.10.58.8010".126".087"5/8"80-5ATB 35N/A$122.93
CS10.12.1.9612".126".087"1"96-5ATB 35N/A$150.78
CS10.220.30.64220mm3.2mm2.2mm30mm64-5ATB 35A$112.81
CS10.250.30.80250mm3.2mm2.2mm30mm80-5ATB 35B$135.29
CS10.303.30.96303mm3.2mm2.2mm30mm96-5ATB 35B$154.38
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