Adjustable Grooving Insert Cutterhead 15mm-29.5mm


Adjustable Grooving Insert Cutterhead 15mm-29.5mm is an excellent option for a production shop that wants the convenience of replaceable inserts and repeatability. The cutter head is used for machining a groove or channel. The groove thickness is adjustable by use of spacers that are included. This cutter comes standard with 4 wings and is an extremely effective at machining hardwood, soft wood. mdf, and particle boards. Lead time is 2 working weeks for production.

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ICH.126.001140430-35-40-5022636Dx Rh15-29.530$530.89
ICH.126.002160430-35-40-5024187Dx Rh15-29.540$579.98
ICH.126.003180430-35-40-5016019Dx Rh15-29.550$684.19
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