Convex Semi Circle Insert Cutterhead


Convex Semi Circle Insert Cutterheads are an excellent option for a production shop that wants the convenience of replaceable inserts and repeatability. The cutter head has options of radius from 7.5mm to 30mm. This cutter comes standard with 3 wings and is an extremely effective at machining hardwood, soft wood and MDF leaving a perfect half circle into the edge of the material. Lead time is 2 working weeks for production. Additional designs can be generated and have a lead time of 3-4 weeks.

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ICH.103.00116015330-35-40-5052261Dx Rh7.5$757.26
ICH.103.00216020330-35-40-5052262Dx Rh10$786.90
ICH.103.00316025330-35-40-5052263Dx Rh12.5$801.72
ICH.103.00416030330-35-40-5052264Dx Rh15$816.54
ICH.103.00516035330-35-40-5052265Dx Rh17.5$830.22
ICH.103.00616040330-35-40-5052266Dx Rh20$845.04
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