Day: May 29, 2024

Understanding Stile and Rail Cutterheads

Table of Contents Stile and rail cutterheads are specialized tools used in woodworking to create the frame-and-panel construction commonly seen in cabinetry, doors, and furniture. These cutterheads are designed to cut the complementary profiles on the stiles (vertical pieces) and rails (horizontal pieces) that form the frame around a panel. Key Technical Features Precision Profiles:

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Why Choose a Bull Nose Insert Cutterhead?

Table of Contents Technical Superiority Bull nose insert cutterheads are specifically designed to provide a smooth, rounded finish to edges and surfaces. They are ideal for applications such as panel raising, shaping, and profiling. The key technical elements that make these cutterheads a staple in woodworking shops include: Precision Engineering: The geometry of the bull

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