Upshear Chipbreaker Solid Carbide Bit


Upcut Chipbreaker Router bits are used when the top surface of the material doesn’t need to have an excellent finish. The Chipbreakers assist in reducing the size of the chips during cutting and is most effective during the cutting of plywood. Upshear bits if used to part material leave excellent finish on the bottom of the panel. Upshear router bits are preferred when chip evacuation is most important. Not recommended for softer materials such as MDF because there is a chance for material tear out at the top of the panel. The common applications are grooving and pocketing. Increase the number of flutes if fast feedrate is required. Great for solid wood, chipboard, laminates, veneered plywood and a variety of other materials. Used on 5 axis, point-to-point machines, router tables, handheld routers. 6% Cobalt is a carbide grade best suited for HPL and composites, 10% Cobalt is a Carbide Grade best suited for solid wood. Tools last longer when paired correctly.

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RSC37.380.113/8”1-1/8”3/8”3”210% Cobalt$56.14
RSC37.380.123/8”1-1/4”3/8”3”210% Cobalt$58.21
RSC37.120.171/2”1-1/4”1/2”3”210% Cobalt$93.02
RSC37.120.181/2”1-1/2”1/2”3-1/2”210% Cobalt$108.35
RSC37.120.191/2”1-5/8”1/2”3-1/2”210% Cobalt$108.35
RSC37.120.201/2”2”1/2”4”210% Cobalt$120.20
RSC37.120.211/2”2-1/8”1/2”4”210% Cobalt$121.86
RSC37.580.255/8”2”5/8”4”210% Cobalt$230.24
RSC37.340.273/4”2”3/4”4”210% Cobalt$253.96
RSC37.340.293/4”2-1/2”3/4”5”210% Cobalt$329.38
RSC37.340.303/4”3”3/4”6”210% Cobalt$358.89
RSC37.340.313/4”3-1/4”3/4”6”210% Cobalt$361.95
RSC37.340.323/4”3-1/2”3/4”6”210% Cobalt$423.25
RSC37.380.333/8”1”3/8”3”26% Cobalt$71.11
RSC37.120.351/2”1-5/8”1/2”3-1/2”26% Cobalt$118.51
RSC37.380.383/8”1-1/4”3/8”3”310% Cobalt$88.01
RSC37.120.391/2”1-1/4”1/2”3”310% Cobalt$115.13
RSC37.120.401/2”1-5/8”1/2”3-1/2”310% Cobalt$149.75
RSC37.120.411/2”2”1/2”4”310% Cobalt$142.20
RSC37.580.425/8”2”5/8”4”310% Cobalt$253.96
RSC37.340.433/4”1-1/2”3/4”4”310% Cobalt$277.64
RSC37.340.443/4”2”3/4”4”310% Cobalt$305.17
RSC37.340.453/4”3”3/4”6”310% Cobalt$399.53
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